Dr. Rizkalla has been my dentist for 5 years

Dr. Rizkalla has been my dentist for 5 years. I can say without hesitation he is the best dentist I've ever had, and I've had quite a few...I've moved over 25 times. He's not only technically and professionally at the top of his game, he couples that with a caring and concern rarely seen among today's busy healthcare providers. For example, when a tooth was "acting up" and causing me some discomfort, Dr Rizkalla personally rearranged his schedule to accommodate me as soon as possible, and when an earlier time slot appeared, he called me personally to offer the earlier time. I was unable to make it, so he gave me his cell phone number should my discomfort worsen and placed a prescription on standby with my local pharmacy.

Walter Hogle
Lt Gen, USAF (ret)

Fredericksburg Patient Recommends Dr. Rizkalla

My husband and I have been going to Dr. Rizkalla for twenty-five years. We were among his first patients. When we moved we continued to travel over 40 miles one way for our dental needs. Dr. Rizkalla is the best dentist in the Washington, D.C. area in my opinion. I have sent friends to him, and they have raved about his skills and caring personality. Let me give you an example of the type of man Dr. Rizkalla is. My husband and I were leaving on a cruise when I woke at one in the morning with a terrible toothache. I called Dr. Rizkalla at two in the morning, and he met me at his office. After fixing my tooth he drove me to the drugstore for my prescription and then to the airport where I met my husband and friends for our vacation. How many other dentists would be so caring, giving up their time and sleep for the needs of their patients in emergency? You won't find a more qualified dentist or a finer man anywhere, and I highly recommend you making Dr Rizkalla your dentist.

Fredericksburg, VA

Dental Fear and Nervousness are Gone!

I have a long history of not doing what I should for my teeth. I try but don’t always succeed. Because of that, I also had a long history of being nervous about going to the dentist. Thanks to Dr. Rizkalla, my fear and nervousness are gone.

I have been going to Dr. Rizkalla for all my dental care for over 15 years, and I will continue to go to him for as long as he is in practice. Some of the reasons I actually like going to see Dr. Rizkalla are:

  • Dr. Rizkalla genuinely cares about his patients. He is a kind, compassionate man as well as an outstanding dentist;

  • He makes sure that he explains everything that needs to be done, as well as any options available, so you feel like you have a part in the treatment plan;

  • He is VERY careful to keep you pain-free, no matter what he is doing. If you are uncomfortable, he will fix it. Even times when I was willing to put up with some discomfort, he made sure there  wasn’t any discomfort to worry about;

  • He is thorough. I have never felt like he rushed me or any of my treatments. If I have questions, he makes sure to answer them before I leave the office.

  • When he has referred me to specialists for different reasons, I am always tickled by how many of them comment on what good dental work I have – all of it done by Dr. Rizkalla;

  • He doesn’t lecture. I know I should do better, but I also know that a lecture won’t help. He asks questions and offers suggestions so that he can help me do better. I like that. I’m way too old for a lecture!
    I have referred many people to Dr. Rizkalla over the years, including friends, family members, and even my boss. All of them have expressed their pleasure at the job he did and the care he took, and some of them even return from other states to have Dr. Rizkalla do their dental work.

He is the best dentist I have ever gone to (and at 64 years of age, I’ve gone to quite a few over the years). I recommend that anyone who wants or needs to have dental work done be sure to contact Dr. Rizkalla. You will never find a better dentist.

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have or to verify this reference.


Rizkalla: Timely, Professional, and Friendly

My wife found out about Dr. Rizkalla's office after we moved to the Northern Virginia area.  She knows I've always been uncomfortable at the dentist, and she assured me Dr. Rizkalla came highly recommended.  As usual, my wife was right.

I hadn't been to the dentist in quite a while.  After a thorough assessment, Dr. Rizkalla and his team took the time to explain what we needed to do, and assured me we were all on the same team, with the shared goal of my optimum dental health.  In fact, his staff seemed to take genuine pride in my continued improvement with each successive visit - a far cry from my previous dentists experiences.

Dr. Rizkalla's office is timely, professional, and friendly, and I would highly recommend them.

Many thanks to you and your team, Dr. Rizkalla.

James W.

Exceptional Dental Care

Dr. Rizkalla has been the dentist for myself and three kids for the last 15 years. He has consistently provided exceptional dental care. He has guided us through three sets of orthodontic braces, a tonsillectomy, occasional cavities, and educated us in excellent dental hygiene. Dr. Rizkalla also correctly identified a growing thyroid problem. We are grateful to have not only benefited from his top notch professional care, but also to have known such a caring and thoughtful doctor.

Arlington, VA